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About Premature Ejaculation can be classified when man fails to keep his hold on secretion of semen while doing sexual-intercourse, may be before or merely right after penetrating and hence his loss of interest and firmness occurs which gradually results into deprecating the physical and psychological behavior of individuals. On an estimation , approx 60% men face this dysfunction but they find it quite awkward to deliberate it with doctor and in this process, the situation stars getting worse. In some cases, it may even gradually lead to divorce which eventually leads to judicial procedures and divorce. Studies say that, sometimes premature ejaculation can be temporary due to the psychology of mind at that time. However, in some instances, it may be permanent eg. Nightfall etc. Consult Dr. P.K. Gupta for all such issues and live a healthier life.


Premature Ejaculation

Specific causes of premature ejaculation have not been listed so far. However, some most common causes may include anxiety, fear, or unhealthier mental peace. In few cases, emotion towards new partner can also come as a cause. Unusual habits e.g. excessive masturbation also increases the chances of premature ejaculation which is common among majority of youths as penis vessels and tissues get narrow and generate adverse affects.


Yellow urinal colour.

Weakness feeling.

Stretching sense in penis shaft.

Excessive masturbation in teenage generally imply smaller penis size and bended shaft then average ones.

Man had done extreme masturbation in his teenage usually have small penis circumference and a bended penis shaft than average ones.


This can be treated by itself as the experience increases you have learned some distractions and a hold on which your mentality used to work out a lot. Healthy food and free mind is also an important step towards this.

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