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About Premature Ejaculation is the Inability in males to hold on the secretion of semenduringsexual intercourse before or just after penetration, and thus he loses his firmnessand interest in libido this un-satisfaction leads to unhealthier psychological/physical behavior. Around 60% of men suffer with this sexual dysfunction but they feel embarrassing to discuss it and this worsen the condition even more which ended as insufficient sperm count to implant fertility. Sometimes all this have to pass through unhappy married life along with family disputes or court trial situation for divorce. Most premature ejaculation are temporary and can alter from time to time because it planted on the psychology of mind at the time of sexual intercourse but in some of the cases may be permanent, when semen get shit out at individual urinal time or when you are un-concuss at dreamy night, this is a critical case. You immediately have to consult a sexologist otherwise destination will be permanent impotence. Meet doctor P.K gupta who have all solution for sex problems.


Premature Ejaculation

There is no such causes of premature ejaculation. It may be due to anxiety fear or unhealthier mental peace. In some of the cases it may be due to emotion towards the new partner or its long time since previous ejaculation. About 75% of teenagers who have a premature ejaculation also have Some unusual habits such as masturbationwhich is the best way to sense sexual excitement, although masturbation is good for a healthy penis size and thickness but more than even of whatever always worsen the situation and extreme hand exercise may cause narrowing the penis vessels and tissues due to which the blood flow hinder and increase in pressure leads to impotence or premature ejaculation.


Common symptom is ejaculation before or amid or the intercourse, but some others are:

Weakness feeling.

Yellow urinal color.

Sense of stretching in penis shaft.

Man had done extreme masturbation in his teenage usually have small penis circumference and a bended penis shaft than average ones.


This can be treated by itself as the experience increases you learned some distractions and a hold on mentality works out a lot. Healthy food and free minded is really gone work. In some of the worsen cases we have to suggest for the drugs and some exercises to learn to control your breath.

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